Mumbai's Spectral Stories: A Journey Through the City's Haunted Spots

Dec 23, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

Mumbai is an intriguing city with a unique blend of modernity and antiquity, and its history holds many mesmerising stories. But did you know about the supernatural secrets hidden in this city? Despite being known as "the City That Never Sleeps", Mumbai happens to be filled with eerie locations that are believed to be haunted. It's no wonder that exploring these spectral spots has become a popular pastime for locals and tourists alike! Take a journey through the dark alleys of Mumbai, and explore firsthand some of its most notorious haunted places—from old mansions to isolated cemeteries—for tales steeped in mystery, horror, suspense...and perhaps even an unexpected encounter or two!

10 Haunted Places in Mumbai:

1. Malabar Hill Mansion

This old mansion located at the top of Malabar hill has been a source of much curiosity among locals. According to legend, this large house is haunted by the ghost of an old woman in white sari. It's said that those who spend time near the mansion can sense her presence and hear her humming nearby. Nobody knows for sure who she is or why she haunts the place, but those brave enough to explore the house have been said to experience strange paranormal phenomena.

2. Mukesh Mills

This abandoned textile mill has become a popular spot for ghost hunters in Mumbai. It's said that there are several spirits inhabiting this eerie space, including two children who were killed here long ago. Locals have reported seeing the two children in the mill, and many believe that they are still searching for someone to help them. Those brave enough to explore Mukesh Mills after dark should take extra caution - it's said that those who spend too much time here may encounter more than what they bargained for!

3. Jogeshwari Caves

The Jogeshwari Caves are some of the oldest in the city - and the most haunted. According to legend, several spirits haunt this ancient temple, including a fearsome female entity that appears on full moon nights. Those who have seen her describe her as being dressed all in white, with long black hair and eyes that pierce through your soul. It's said that if you spend the night here, you may hear her whispers and encounter her sinister presence.

4. Madh Fort

Madh Fort is said to be haunted by a ghostly figure in white robes who appears every night at midnight. According to locals, this spirit was once a member of the royal family who was wronged by their enemies and now haunts the fort in search of revenge. Those brave enough to explore this haunted spot should take extra caution - it's said that the figure can be seen in the windows of the fort, watching those who pass by.

5. Juhu Beach

One of the most famous beaches in Mumbai, Juhu Beach also has its fair share of spectral stories. It's said that during the night, a mysterious white horse appears out of nowhere and gallops along the shore, leaving behind an eerie fog in its wake. Sightings of this ghostly horse have been reported by locals for many years, so look out for it if you ever visit Juhu Beach after dark!

6. Mahim Creek

The Mahim Creek is home to a variety of urban legends, including the ghostly figure of a woman who appears in the night. According to locals, this spirit was once an ordinary girl until she decided to take her own life due to unrequited love. Now her restless spirit wanders the creek in search of her lost love. Those brave enough to explore this area should take extra precaution - it's said that the woman's voice can still be heard coming from the depths of the creek, calling out for her beloved.

7. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Deep within the Sanjay Gandhi National Park lies a haunted spot known as 'The Ghost Village'. It's said that this once-thriving village was abandoned due to the fear of a supernatural entity. Today, locals claim that this entity still lurks in the shadows, watching and waiting for unsuspecting trespassers. Those brave enough to explore this eerie spot should take extra caution - it's said that the ghostly figure can be seen lurking around the ruins, searching for its lost home.

8. Worli Sea Face

One of the most popular spots in Mumbai is also said to be haunted - the mysterious figure of a woman known as 'The Lady Of The Sea' has been seen by many people walking along the shoreline at night. According to locals, this spirit was once a beautiful young girl who fell in love with a sailor and promised to wait for him on the shore. Unluckily, her lover never returned and she was left alone on the beach, waiting for his return till this day. Those brave enough to explore the area should take extra caution - it's said that if you stand still by the seaside for too long, you may hear her sorrowful voice calling out for her lost love.

9 .Poonam Chambers

Located in the heart of Mumbai is an office building known as 'Poonam Chambers', which houses some of the city's most prestigious companies. However, one thing that sets this place apart from other buildings is its haunting past - it's said to be home to a jilted lover who haunts the area with his presence. Locals claim that late at night, they can hear the phantom's desperate cries and feel his presence in the halls. Those brave enough to explore this eerie building should take extra caution - it's said that if you linger too long, the ghostly figure may appear before your very eyes.

10. Vasai Fort

In Vasai lies an old fort full of secrets - and rumours say that it's haunted. It was once home to a fierce battle between the Marathas and the Portuguese, leaving behind a trail of bloodshed and death. Nowadays, those who dare to explore Vasai Fort will find themselves surrounded by mysterious shadows in the night - they say these are the spirits of soldiers who died in battle centuries ago, still searching for justice and revenge. So be sure to tread lightly as you explore this ancient site - who knows what secrets you might uncover?


Mumbai is a city that has many stories to tell - and some of these tales are darker than the others. From haunted beaches to cursed offices, there are plenty of supernatural secrets lurking in the shadows just waiting to be discovered. So keep an open mind as you explore this bustling city, for who knows what mysteries await you at each turn? You never know what spectral stories you may find!

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