Unleashing A lakeside villa with valley views in Igatpuri for your next trip

Feb 12, 2024 By Sean William

Situated in Maharashtra, India, Igatpuri might be an excellent destination if you love staying close to nature. With beautiful landscapes, tall mountains, and refreshing lakes, lgatpuri might be your gateway to forgetting daily tensions and spending a relaxing weekend.

Nevertheless, living in a beautiful place can enhance the overall tour experience. stay tuned, and we will illuminate a lakeside villa with valley views in Igatpuri: Arowana Lakeside Villa.

So, without any further ado, let's dig into the content.

Arowana- a lakeside villa with valley views Igatpuri

Arowana Lakeside Villa fills your desire to get up from bed and have a graceful sunrise. The golden reflection of the sun shining on the lake will provide pleasure to your eyes. Sounds unrealistic, well no, this villa can help you to have it all. This lakeside villa's magical view of nature is a great way to start your day. In addition to the breathtaking views and amusing comfortability, Arowana lakeside villa has a variety of other things to offer. Let's delve into all the luxurious elements this villa considers to provide you with a lavish stay.


The Arowana lakeside villa with valley views is located on the Goti Trimbakeshwar Road, Near Nr Vaitarna Lake, Vaviharsha, Igatpuri Maharashtra 422402 India. The villa's prime location makes it easier for newcomers and foreigners to locate the place quickly. You can take help from Google Maps to find the most suitable route.


Arowana lakeside villa is one of the best lakeside villas in Igatpuri that is carefully designed with west-open windows, rooftop decorations, wide doors, and royal architecture to grant you a magnificent feel. The space includes five air-conditioned bedrooms in general. While two bedrooms are on the ground, three are on the first floor, with the cable-connected LED TV and 24-hour wifi. The dining area has a light wall color theme with comfortable chairs and minimal decoration to let you have a peaceful time while you eat your favorite food. In addition, give your lungs a pump of fresh air by going for a morning walk on wet grass. Something looks missing. Don't worry; the villa also carries a vast private pool for water freaks.

Rustic architecture

Villa has a crisp rustic architecture with complex detailing in some areas and minimal decor in others that catches your eye within seconds. Wooden architecture is blended with modernized style, giving itself a well-balanced interior.

Kitchen with the chef

Arowana Lakeside Villa provides you with a fully functional modern kitchen and a trained chef to whom your wish is his command. From Italian to Indian and from Asian to Lebanese, instruct the chef to cook or bake any food, and you will get mouth-watering treats presented within an hour.

Activities to do in the villa

Arowana Lakeside Villa allows you to enjoy vacation at Igatpuri with multiple activities at the place, such as:

  1. Enjoy an open BBQ night: BBQ parties are a fun way to maximize family fun. The space has a separate BBQ place equipped with all the necessary tools. You can do it yourself or ask staff members to serve you.
  2. Chess battles: For all the sharp minds of your family who like to invest free time in learning something new or doing something productive, having chess battles can be a good option. So team up or have an individual fight to polish your skills; the choice is yours.
  3. Get amused with beautiful landscapes: Arowana lakeside villa is built in the cradle of nature. With a green valley on one side and a lake with blue waters on the other, it is a perfect place to view the beautiful colors of nature from the balcony.

Activities to do near the villa

  1. Lakeside picnic: Enjoy a lakeside picnic next to the Arowana Lake, inhaling freshwater vapor with oxygen. So spread out a blanket, get your food base on your own, and treat yourself to a fading experience.
  2. Boating: You can go for various water sports, including boating, paddleboarding, jet skiing, kayaking, and rafting in the lake near the villa. Don't worry about being tired as the villa awaits with a hot shower bath and luxury spa to relax all your body muscles.
  3. Go on nature walks: Nothing can compete with long walks when exploring a place. So get your sneakers on, pack your backpack, hold your water bottle, and set out on a long walk, exploring the area in your way.
  4. Sunset photography: The lakeside is an ideal place to capture some everlasting memories. Pose with your family as the sun seeks a goodbye.

Safety and Security

Safety and security remain substantial when discussing going on a family holiday. Arowana villa provides you with a high level of protection during your stay. With armed guards and trained body men, the estate ensures a safe experience throughout the stay.

Terms and conditions

Following are some terms and conditions you need to consider before checking in

  1. The villa timing: 2 pm check-in - 11 am check-out. You can, however, extend your time limit based on the package you select.
  2. Under 18 are not allowed at the property.
  3. Unmarried couples are not allowed.

Things to know

  1. Charges per night: INR 22000 - INR 30000. The fee will be different for weekends and holidays.
  2. Parking: No reservation is needed; private parking is free.
  3. For pet lovers, your pets are free to stay with you at this villa. No extra charges are required.
  4. Payment: Cash only.

Final thoughts

In a nutshell, Igati is one of the best places to spend a relaxing time alone with your family or friends. Nevertheless, what can maximize fun is getting yourself a lakeside villa with valley views in Igatpuri. The content above sheds light on the best lakeside villa in Igatpuri with valley views. Situated in the heart of Igatpuri, Arowana Lakeside Villa is all you would ask for to experience a luxurious lifestyle this holiday season. The content above sheds light upon each noteworthy feature of Igatpuri's most lavish villa to help you avoid unease in the long run.

To maximize your experience on vacation at Igatpuri, book this luxury property with such a fantastic environment. The spacious bedrooms, lovely lawn, and a vast pool await you. Spend a great time with your loved one during holidays, weekends, or any day you prefer. Enjoy your precious time.

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Unleashing A lakeside villa with valley views in Igatpuri for your next trip

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