Unwind in Kumarakom: 10 Peaceful Destinations You Can't Miss
Sep 11, 2023 By Sean William

Are you looking for the perfect place to escape and relax? Kumarakom is one of India's most stunning tourist destinations, with its lush green wetlands, palm trees, placid backwaters, serene streams and picturesque islands. Picture yourself here on a hot sunny day - enjoying a romantic stroll across this idyllic paradise as you take in the calming sights and sounds that beckon your inner peace. From boat races and bird watching to Ayurveda treatments or yoga by the riverbank, there’s something unique for everyone at Kumarakom. Whether you are looking for adventure-filled activities or pure relaxation time away from your daily grind, come explore all that Kumarakom has to offer!

1. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

If you’re a bird-lover, then the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is the place for you. The sanctuary is home to over a hundred species of birds, including egrets, cuckoo and Siberian storks. You can even take a boat ride through the mangrove forests and explore the area in all its glory. During the months of June and July, thousands of migratory birds flock to the sanctuary, making it a sight to behold!

2. Pathiramanal Island

Take a backwater cruise across the Vembanad Lake and explore Pathiramanal - an enchanting island in Kumarakom. This beautiful place is ideal for bird watching, as you can find several different species of birds here. The island is also home to an ancient temple, making it a great spot for spirituality seekers as well.

3. Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and explore this beautiful temple in Kumarakom. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple is a peaceful destination that will leave you feeling spiritually uplifted. Wander around its lush gardens and take in the tranquil atmosphere as you marvel at the beautiful architecture of this historic temple.

4. Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall

Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall is an idyllic spot for all nature lovers. Enjoy the mesmerizing view of this beautiful waterfall as you bask in its soothing ambiance. The gentle sound of the water cascading down the hills is bound to relax your mind and body as you take a much-needed break from reality.

5. Kavanar River

Experience the beauty of nature at its finest by visiting the Kavanar River. This river is surrounded by lush greenery making it an ideal spot for silence seekers. Spend a day here and soak in the peaceful environment as you take a break from the mundane life of cities.

6. Kumarakom Beach

Experience the beauty of Kumarakom by taking a stroll along its pristine beach. Relax under the shade of coconut trees and marvel at the stunning view of the Arabian Sea. Enjoy activities like swimming, sunbathing or simply sit back and watch as huge waves crash against the shoreline. The tranquility and serenity of this beach is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

7. Punnamada Lake

If you're looking for a place to relax, look no further than Punnamada Lake. This lake is surrounded by lush green hills and provides the perfect backdrop for a peaceful holiday. You can take a boat ride across the lake, embark on fishing trips or simply sit back and enjoy the tranquility of this beautiful destination.

8. Marari Beach

Marari beach is one of the most peaceful beaches in India. It stretches for miles and offers stunning views of the Arabian Sea. Its golden sands, warm waters and lush green surroundings make it a perfect spot to unwind. Enjoy activities like swimming, sunbathing or simply relax on its pristine beach as you soak up some beautiful scenery.

9. Kottayam

Take a trip to Kottayam and explore its stunning architecture. This town is known for its beautiful churches, temples and monuments, making it an ideal destination for history lovers. Take a stroll or a boat ride around the city and experience the charm of this peaceful yet vibrant town.

10. Jatayu Rock

Jatayu Rock stands tall and proud on the hilltop near Kottayam. This massive rock is believed to be the site where Jatayu, the mythical bird, fought with Ravana in order to save Sita. It's a popular pilgrimage site for Hindus and is an ideal place for nature lovers as it offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Kumarakom is a paradise for those seeking peace and tranquility. Whether you are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life or want to take in some of India's most stunning scenery, Kumarakom has something for everyone. So, plan your trip today and explore its many peaceful destinations!


Kumarakom is a beautiful destination full of peaceful and tranquil places. Whether you're looking to relax, explore or just take in the stunning scenery, Kumarakom is sure to fit all your needs. From marvellous beaches to majestic mountains, this small Southern village has it all! So come visit Kumarakom and witness its beauty for yourself.


Q: What are some of the activities I can do in Kumarakom?

A: You can enjoy a variety of activities such as swimming, sunbathing, boating, fishing and bird watching. There are also many sites to explore, including churches, temples and monuments.

Q: Where should I stay while visiting Kumarakom?

A: Kumarakom offers a variety of accommodation options, such as resorts, homestays and houseboats. Choose something that fits your budget and preferences.

Q: Is Kumarakom a safe place to visit?

A: Yes, Kumarakom is generally considered safe for tourists. It's important to be aware of your surroundings and take the necessary precautions.

Q: How can I get around Kumarakom?

A: You can get around by car, taxi or auto-rickshaw. There are also several boat services that will take you to various parts of the lake.