How to reap maximum fun out of your two day trips to Banglore
Sep 03, 2023 By Sean William

Also known as the Silicon City of India, Bangalore or Bengaluru might be a perfect destination for a quick rejuvenating trip.

With beautiful valleys, traditional places, and complex architecture, the city has multiple tourist spots. Keep reading, and the content will illuminate how you can consider making the most of your two day trips to Bangalore.

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Top activities to make the most of your 2 day trips to Bangalore

Trek to Nandi hills

For short trips near Bangalore, Nandi Hill tops the list for many reasons. Situated just 61 km away from the city, Nandi Hills can provide you with a tremendous trekking journey that ends with a breathtakingly beautiful view from the top. People also consider camping at the place. And if you are also one among them, make sure to keep a lot and lots of drinking water stock with you as rough trekking tracks may cause dehydration.

One can reach Nandi hills by air, road, or train. The nearest airport and train stations are Kempegowda International Airport and Chikkaballapur Station.

When to visit: The perfect time to visit the place is between August and March when winds are moderate, and the temperature cools down, allowing you to take full benefits from the weather.

Distance: Nandi Hills are located about 61 km away from Bangalore's residential areas

Travel time: Ranges somewhere between 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours, based on your driving speed and skills.

Visit Ramanagara to pay homage to your favorite movie.

For all the Bollywood enthusiasts, there might be no better place to drive yourself than the iconic Ramanagra. Remember those classic scenes of Sholay shot in a land surrounded by rocky mountains? Well, Located about 50 km away from Bangalore city, Ramangra is its shooting spot. The site welcomes all its visitors in the traditional Hindu way with a giant Hanuman Statue in its iconic pose at the entrance.

In addition to its filmy heritage, the place is home to many cottage industries of India, including Silk farms and Mysore-pak-making friends. Visit the land full of filmy stories and let your Bollywood fandom breathe in the air that gave rise to two of the most influential actors in the industry.

Distance: Ramanagra is located in Bangalore's District, Karnataka, 562159

Travel time: The travel time from Bangalore to Ramanagra is between 1:35 mins to 2 hours

Best time to visit: The place is open 365 days a year.

Camping at Bannathu Beta

If you hail from a highly humid and polluted city like Mumbai, setting on a 2-day camp trip at Bananthi Betta near Bangalore might quickly fix your energy levels. Located between Kyantanahalli and Konanadoddi, Bananthi Betta has lush green grass on the land, beautiful views, and a downward streamlet. In addition, the place is bordered by tall mountains and untouched diversity, allowing you to explore some hidden aspects of life.

In addition, you can also visit nearby clubs and renowned resorts, Aventura India, to perform adventurous activities like Balance walking, target shooting, trekking, boating in the blue waters, and treasure hunting.

Distance: Bananthi Betta is situated about 55 to 60 km away from the city of Bangalore.

When to visit: The best time to visit the place is between October to December.

Try adventurous sports at Savandurga.

Want to try something new and different on your short trip for two days near Bangalore? Savandurga is the place to go. Known for black granite cliffs and some soul-calming scenes, the site is a one-stop destination for all sports lovers. You can pay a call to the ' 'Camp Extreme Zone '' resort to take part in some adventurous activities like High-rope traversing, night trekking, rappelling, and climbing up to the Kaprigudda and Bili Gudda peaks. Nevertheless, if you are not interested in being a daredevil and want to spend some quality time in the soulful atmosphere of Savandurga, Kayak in the calming blue waters.

Distance: Savandurga is located about 69.4 km away from Bangalore

Travel time: Take somewhere between 1 to 2 hours, depending on your route.

When to visit: The place observes snowfall in the winter season. Thus, it is best to see between July and September.

Tariffs: The place charges INR 2400 per person for a 2-day trip.

Campfire night at Anthargange

What's a 2-day trip until it has a campfire night? Navigate to the Anthargange if you are planning a family trip near Bangalore. Being a part of the Shatha Shrunga mountain ranges, the place is perfect for short trips with fantastic trekking tracks, hiking trails, and a series of mysterious caves for you to experience. Some of the unique offerings include caving, bonfire, stargazing, and midnight trekking. In addition, Anthargange is full of unexplored caverns and grottoes that might sound appealing to people interested in paranormal activities. So, if you are brave enough, Athrangange is waiting for you.

Distance: Anthargange is located at 70 km distance from the Bangalore city

Reach time: About 2 hours

Charges: It will cost about 2100 for a person to spend 2 days and one night at the place.

Exploring wildlife at Bheemeshwari

Bheemeshwari is located about 100 km from Bangalore and is the hub of many floral species, beautiful landscapes, and fantastic wildlife. You can visit Bheemeshwari to spot some wild animals like lions, tigers, and leopards moving freely that are instead kept in cages. Or you can enjoy adventurous sports such as mountain biking, bird watching, rafting, and night kayaking. You can book one of the tour package trips near Bangalore if you are not from the city.

Distance: Bheemeshwari is located about 100 km away from the city

Reaching time: It takes between 2 hours to get to Bangalore city.

When to visit: You can visit Bheemeshwari at any time of the year

Tariffs for one day at Bheemeshwari cost around 5000 INR. Nevertheless, a two-day trip will only cost you 6000 INR.


On the bottom line, Bangalore is a beautiful city with multiple tourist spots and attractions. Each place has a significant list of activities, from Bheemeshwari to Benanath Betti and Nandi Hills to Ramagra, the place is surrounded by amazing places.

The content above discusses the top 5 activities to help you reap maximum fun from your 2 day trips near Bangalore. So make sure to read carefully.