A Comprehensive Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary Overview
Sep 03, 2023 By Sean William

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is undoubtedly one of the most promising and enchanting places in the Western Ghats. It is really popular among tourists for its substantial Bhandra Reserve. Every summer, the river water recedes to show tiny islands that welcome this biggest attraction of sanctuary.

Visitors can explore its serene rivers, pristine lakes, and lush forests while enjoying the wildlife. Without any shadow of a doubt, this place is a true gem for people who want to have a wonderful wilderness experience. Amazing, right?

Want to know more about the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary Overview in English? Keep reading!

A Comprehensive Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary Overview

Located at a distance of almost 38 km from Chikmagalur town, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary was declared the 25th Project Tiger of India in 1998 as it boasts a considerable number of tiger populations. So, the main Bhadra wildlife sanctuary location is surrounded by numerous such animals.

The mesmerizing river passes through the Bhadra sanctuary soothingly. And so, it has given the term Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. This is undoubtedly a fantastic place for wildlife enthusiasts, and you'll also explore some endangered species there, including the orangutan and Malabar giant squirrel.

Have a look below at the main Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary timings and its main spots:

Main Attraction

The Administration Authority of Bhadra Sanctuary and The Forest Department organize jeep safari in the Bhadra Tiger Reserve. In this Safari, you'll get a golden chance to spot leopards and tigers in this calming forest, which is home to over 20 leopards and 30 tigers.

Timings and Cost

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary Park is open throughout the year. However, there may be some temporary closures during monsoons and heavy rainfall conditions. Moreover, safaris are normally conducted twice daily, from 3.30 pm to 6 pm and 6 am to 8.30 am.

As far as the cost is concerned, slots can be booked efficiently through the hotel. You'll only have to pay 400 (six people can sit in a vehicle). Note that you won't be allowed to bring any private vehicles at all. Safaris are only organized by the department of Karnataka.

Points Of Interest for Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary


Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is undeniably a famous tiger reserve, providing space for 33 tigers within its limits. Yes, the sanctuary offers a wonderful environment for a mixed range of wildlife, including gaur, elephants, wild boars, sloth bears, black leopards, jungle cats, bonnet macaques, porcupines, small Indian civets, slender lorises, pangolins, Malabar giant squirrels, and flying squirrels. The carnivorous species are also present there, including leopard cats, ruddy mongooses, rusty-spotted cats, stripe-necked mongooses, as well as otters.


Countless reptile species, among them exotic snakes, exist in this area. The biodiversity consists of the grand king cobra, the common vine snake, the infamous common cobra, the slippery common wolf snake, the visible bamboo pit viper, Russell's viper, the engaging olive keelback, the common Indian monitor lizard, the slick rat snake, crocodiles, and the intriguing Draco or sliding lizards.


The land possesses a striking range of more than 120 flora species. These plants produce a montage of damp seasonal trees, dry leafy trees, and semi-evergreen trees, creating a natural haven for an array of winged wildlife. Within the tropical dry deciduous forests alone, you can also find a rich tapestry of 47 different plant species. Among the habitually observed flora are crepe myrtle, thaasal, Kadam, simpoh, teak, Indian laurel, rosewood, kindle, fig-trees, white teak, indigo, toddy palm, jalari, Ceylon oak, axle wood. This various herbal landscape serves as a valuable habitat, especially for teak and rosewood.


Well, the officials have established a 3.5 km nature trail, welcoming visitors to engage themselves in the beauty of the ecosystem. Roaming along these paths allows you to be amazed at the elegance of nature.

Jeep Safaris & Boat Safari

Passengers can rest inside a jeep and will be taken on a supervised tour through several animal territories across the refuge. In addition, a boat trip is managed along the sanctuary's borders, permitting passengers to be delighted by the rich variety of life located both in the water and on the land.

How To Reach Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

You can reach Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary through various ways:

  • By Bus: Various bus stops are there to come from and go to the sanctuary. The best part is that buses efficiently commute through this particular route all day (after every half an hour).
  • By Air: The closest airport to this adventurous place is Mangalore Domestic Airport. You can conveniently hire taxis or catch a local train from the airport to get there.
  • By Rail: Kadur is the closest railway station, which is just 51 km away. You'll reach Sanctuary from Kadur in only half an hour.

In What Season Should You Visit Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary?

You can visit this place any time of the year. However, every season has its own way of attracting people with different specialties. In summer, you shouldn't even think about going there in the daytime, because it is super hot. Simultaneously, early morning visits are also a bit uncomfortable.

However, we cannot deny that this season is 'The Best' as we see river terns and it looks super good. So, you can also go there in the evenings to get the maximum out of it.

Temperatures drop down in November and then continue dropping down till February, so you will be able to enjoy winter, too, if you're a person who loves dense fog. It is also worth visiting Bhadra Wildlife in Monsoon (early June to September) as there's a lot of greenery there.

And you'll relish the incredibly beautiful views of nature, surrounded by animals!